About Counselling

I consider counselling to be an opportunity to have a different kind of conversation. Two people meet for sessions they talk and listen; however, unlike social conversations, the emphasis is on one person – you – as you address the problems and difficulties you are experiencing.

A good Counselling relationship is built on the ability to grow an authentic and confidential rapport between client and therapist. It is a space where you can bring your difficulties, worries, anxieties, frustrations, family and relationship issues and will experience a non-judgemental and empathic space to reflect on issues that have brought you to counselling. Counselling provides the client with this unique space that is often hard to find in life’s day to day relationships. However, it is not about giving advice or opinions it is about helping the client to find their own solutions.

To achieve the most from the counselling sessions, a weekly commitment is ideal. However, I can be flexible depending on your circumstances. The length of therapy is difficult to judge and will be reflective on you, For some people addressing a specific, current problem, a few sessions may bring enhanced understanding and positive change, while those with more deep-rooted issues may benefit from longer-term counselling. We can review this on a 6 weekly basis, and discuss in our initial session.