Professional counselling in Swindon

If you are looking at this website, you may be considering counselling. People come to counselling for many reasons from anxiety and depression to addiction and from all walks of life. Taking those first steps to making contact and undertaking the commitment of counselling can be either difficult or easy, but either way, it can lead to the unearthing of your potential, the understanding of your real power and emerging of your purpose and meaning.

My name is Vicky; I work from my home in central Swindon. I aim to provide a safe counselling setting where you can share what you are going through and explore your deeper self in the hope that you can find ways to cope with your life’s struggles. Inviting into your life more self-compassion, acceptance and kindness. I have experience helping others through pain, fear and being with people while they develop their understanding and discovery of change.  Together we can start your journey to find out what makes you unhappy and make the changes you want and need to feel better.


To view and book available appointments please click below. Alternatively call me on 07557 739710.


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